Bay District Schools Register Online Exclusively

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Parents hoping to get ahead of the curve with registration next year don't need to go much further than their computer: next school year, all students, whether they're already in Bay District schools or not, must be registered online. School district officials hope this plan will help keep parents better connected.

"We wanted to improve communication with our parents," said Lee Stafford, Bay District School's Director of Student Services. "Going to an online format allows us to communicate electronically with our parents and allows them instant access to look at attendance and academic information for their child."

The new system has advantages besides allowing parents 24/7 access to information on their student, it also gives them a direct line to the teachers.

"They may have a concern about a grade or they may want to share some new piece of information with the teacher about their child and the email addresses for the teachers are embedded in the system so the parent can go online and email that teacher and have that direct communication," Stafford explained.

But some parents are concerned about the new system. On Facebook, the majority of comments we received were against the change. Many making comments about how the system will be difficult for parents bringing new children into Bay District schools as well as for people without access to the Internet.

Parents registering their children for the first time will need to do so at the school district building on Balboa Drive. They will need to have a photo ID, 2 current proofs of residency, a Florida shot record for their child as well as the student's birth certificate.

Parents who have previously had their children in the system can register their children from home or a public computer through the parent portal.

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