Bay District Schools Release FCAT Scores

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PANAMA CITY- Springfield Elementary School teachers and student are on a positive trend.

"We're really really proud of our students and our teachers for putting in the extra time and the hard work to get us where we are today," said Loreta Rushing, Springfield Elementary Administrative Assistant.

The school's proficiency level in reading continues to increase, up from 35% last year to 37% this year.

"We've had a lot of students come to the school because of the extra hour of reading and the emphasis on small group that we are doing with the SRA and reading and math scores," said Crystal Adams, Third Grade Teacher.

District wide writing proficiency scores are mixed.

If a studnet scores a 3-point-5, they're considered proficient.

35% of the district's 4th graders achieved the mark this year, down from 48% last year.

More 8th grader succeeded this year, up 3% from last year.

And 10th graders scored a huge increase, up from 46% last year to 54% this year.

"We've seen some incremental growth in schools and that's what we want to see. It's hard to show large areas of improvement in one year, but we are getting there and we are working hard and the teachers are working hard and our students are as well," said Camilla Hudson, Bay District School.

Grade 3 reading and math proficiency scores were flat this year.

58% made the cut-off this year, compared 59% last year.

Math scores dropped 4% from last year.

That will be a focus in the future.

"We want them to be high functioning achieving students. So regardless of the assessment test is going to be we're going to continue to strive to get better," said Bill Husfelt, Bay County Superintendent.

Officials say to check your child's score log onto the bay county school parent portal system.

District officials should receive the rest of the fcat scores by the end of the summer.