Bay District Schools Uses Half-Cent Tax for Expansions

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BAY COUNTY-- Bay District Schools is already receiving a half-cent sales tax to pay for facility and technology upgrades.

School board members reviewed the list of the on-going projects during a workshop meeting this morning, and construction crews are having a busy summer.

The Bay County school district receives funding from three different sources, including the half-cent sales tax, PECO funds from the state and property taxes,

But the half-cent sales tax funds most of the projects done at schools in the area. Since the half-cent sales tax was enacted three-and-a-half years ago, $57 million worth of projects have been completed, including covered walkways, structural repairs and reflooring.

Current projects are also underway, including Rutherford and Mosley High School renovations, and Springfield Elementary School renovations.

Haney Technical Center is also relocating, Lucille Moore Elementary will receive upgrades to covered walkways, and locker-room renovations at Jinks Middle School and Bay High are already underway.

Hiland Park Elementary school is receiving $7.5 million for construction of a new room, renovations and parking.

Cedar Grove Elementary School will also see its own expansion.

Current projects total $34.6 million.

The renovation project at Mosley High School is one of the biggest in the district's history.