Bay EDA Considers LambdaRail

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The Bay Economic Development Alliance is looking to bring some new technology into Bay County.

The LambdaRail expansion would be a way for hospitals, military bases, and different universities to have a direct connection to a high speed national network through fiber optic lines.

This means that a doctor working at Bay Medical Center could have a doctor in another part of the country or the world looking over information for a study.

For the military it could mean simulations being seen at real time, versus having to wait for an internet connection to download the data.

The program is already in place in Okaloosa and Escambia counties
and according to Tom Neubauer of the Bay Defense Alliance, their success could be a good sign for what could come to Bay County.

The company trying to bring the expansion to Bay County doesn't have an estimated cost just yet. They're currently doing research while the EDA looks for different ways to fund the project.

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