Bay Education Foundation Host Christmas Store

The Bay Education Foundation is hosting its 9th Annual Christmas Store for "Take Stock in Children" Scholars. This year, the Christmas store featured almost 900 items, ranging in price from $1.50 to $150.

Students shopped with "holiday bucks" they earned based on their performance during each grading period. The event serves to re-enforce the three areas of focus- Achievement, Attendance and Attitude.

Every December, the Christmas store opens and students can spend their hard earned bucks on Christmas gifts .

Bay Education organizers shop throughout the year to stock the store.

In addition to buying for people they know, students are also encouraged to purchase a gift to place in a charity box set up in the store. These gifts are used to help needy families during the holidays.

"I'm going to go ahead and give it to the charity. Why? Well my sisters too old for it and it's just the Christmas season and it's just good to give," said 9th grader Madison Fish.

The students have earned over 6,000 “Holiday Bucks” for their shopping spree.