Elementary School Student Brings Grenade to School

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A Bay Elementary teacher got quite a surprise Monday morning when one of her students brought a grenade to class.

"She immediately took action she realized that it was, what appeared to be a grenade. She immediately handed it to me. I realized it was not a live grenade however I immediately gave it to the SRO" said Bay Elementary Principal Dianne Hicks.

Taking necessary precaution the school resource officer contacted the sheriff's department.

"The sheriff's department brought in the bomb squad and they removed it and it was a dead grenade and it had been altered so that it was not live at all" said Walton County Superintendent Carlene Anderson.

Parents were also notified of the incident as it was happening.

"We have a system in our district called one call and Mrs. Anderson is able, the superintendent was able to send that out" said Hicks.

"And it's best that they hear that information from me or my representative at the school district. There's so much misinformation that can get out there" said Anderson.

After the grenade was disposed of authorities gave the all clear for classes to resume. The student involved in this morning's incident was only in the second grade. Principal Hicks says because there was no intent to harm the zero tolerance policy doesn't apply here but there may be some type of punishment.

"In regard to that I'll provide any consequences that I feel are appropriate in this situation” said Hicks.

School administrators and the sheriff's department had the incident taken care of this morning in under an hour.