Bay Haven Charter Academy Kindergarten Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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PANAMA CITY- This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches kindergarten at Bay Haven Charter Academy. Melissa Reiser was nominated by a parent who writes: "Mrs. Reiser has been a teacher for 20+ years. She is a very patient and caring person who puts the children's needs and interests first. When you truly love your job, it shows."

In Mrs. Reiser's kindergarten classroom music and math go hand in hand. Challenging concepts like counting by ten, aren't quite so difficult when songs and motions are part of the equation. "I like singing songs because they are fun," said Sarah Williams. "The kids are like little sponges when they come in. Everything is new to them. I love just watching their little faces when they learn a new concept," said Mrs. Reiser.

It's here, in kindergarten, where students learn the building blocks that form a strong educational foundation, before moving onto first grade. "They leave here reading and writing. It's just a lot of learning in a year's time," said Mrs. Reiser. In her classroom they also acquire additional language skills. "The way that she teaches is so phenomenal. One thing she does is she incorporates Spanish into the lessons. So these kindergarteners are learning not only the English, but also the Spanish along the way," said Principal Larry Bolinger.

For many of her students, this is their first classroom experience. Needless to say she has lots of little fans. "She is really nice. She is really responsible about all our classes," said Dylan Parker, whose mom nominated Mrs. Reiser.

Congratulations to Melissa Reiser, this week's Golden Apple award-winning teacher. "She just speaks volumes to the children in a very, very positive way," said Principal Bolinger.