Bay Haven Charter Academy Second Grade Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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Panama City - This week's Golden Apple award winning teacher is Allison Coatney, she teaches second grade at Bay Haven Charter Academy. She was nominated by Kim Jones, the mom of one of her students who writes: "Mrs. Coatney has been a God-send for our daughter. She has encouraged her, supported her and reigned her in at the same time. My daughter LOVES to go to school and learn as much as Ms. Coatney can teach her."

For Allison Coatney, second grade is a calling. "I come here for these kids. It's my job, but I love it," said Allison. She says students often come in as timid first graders but transition into more independent, confident thinkers. "I love seeing that every year from the beginning to the end to see how much growth they've made," she said.

Bay Haven Principal Larry Bolinger says partnering with parents is one of Mrs. Coatney's strengths. "Not only is she a great teacher in the classroom but she is also a great communicator with the parents. She goes to that nth degree to make sure parents are informed," said Principal Bolinger.

"I like to do math with her because she helps me understand," it was Abby Jones' mom who nominated Mrs. Coatney for having such a major impact on her daughter. "It's great to know that when her child comes to school or when any of these kids come to school the parents feel safe and comfortable with the person that is teaching their child for the day and knowing that what we are doing is to make their child successful," said Mrs. Coatney.

Congratulations to Allison Coatney, this week's Golden Apple Award winning teacher. "She is the best teacher i have ever had," said second grader Olivia Wilson.