Bay Med. Looking for Clinical Trial Patients

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PANAMA CITY - Bay Medical Sacred Heart is participating in the clinical trial of a new product to benefit cardiac patients.

It's a heart stent that investors claim acts more like a real artery.

Local pre-school teacher Pam Vosbrink has agreed to become the first Bay County resident to take part in a groundbreaking clinical trial for a device call "Absorb."

The slinky-like tubing is supposed to open clogged arteries and provide temporary support to restore and maintain blood flow to the heart.

"The normal stent stays in your body forever, but this one will biodegrade," Vosbrink said.

Doctors say the stent will dissolve in two years, leaving behind a marker.

They say it took years of research to determine the perfect amount of time the stent would stay in the body before dissolving. Now they need patients to prove it works.

Doctors are looking for thousands of patients to take part in the trial.

"Most patients if they have the right clinical scenario they are going to be fit into the trail one way or another," said Dr. Amir Haghighat, Interventional Cardiologist.

The clinical trial will use 2,500 patients at more than 200 medical centers.

About 1,000 will actually receive stent.