Bay Medical CEO Brings Positive Change

Bay Medical-Sacred Heart is going through yet another change, one that employees say they see as positive.

Local media outlets got the chance to meet the new CEO of the hospital Monday afternoon during an informal luncheon.

Barry Keel took over the position about two weeks ago and hospital staff say they're already seeing positive signs. Keel is taking the reins after a very tumultuous couple of years.

Everything from the completion of a new wing to the merger with Sacred Heart and the LHP Group and the resignation of the former CEO.

"What my commitment is and what my goal is to come in and create that stability," said Keel. "Create that comfort level that our future is very bright which indeed it is, create that comfort level that Bay Med is here for the future and Bay Med is in the position where we're gonna be very, very viable in the future and be thriving."

Keel told the small group his message is simple...he wants to make sure employees know they are valuable, even with the announcement of cuts to the Sacred Heart facility in Pensacola.

Keel says locally there are no such plans, "Right now, Bay Medical is not in a position where evaluating any reductions in staff here at Bay Medical. Made that very clear to our staff because, again, they are concerned because of the recent changes that have had to take place to put us in a position to be long term viable."

Keel says compared to last year this time, Bay Medical is in a much better financial position.