Bay Medical Lay Off Rumors Continue

PANAMA CITY- Since Monday's announcement of 58 lay-offs at Bay Medical Sacred Heart, rumors of an additional 100 cuts have spread rapidly among employees.

"I'm very pleased to say that there is absolutely no validity to a rumor that we are going to lay off any additional employees," said CEO Barry Keel.

Another more specific rumor claims some emergency room nurses will be let go by the end of the year. This one, is in fact true. Licensed practical nurses will be replaced with more highly trained registered nurses.

However, Keel says those cuts are included in the 58 lay-offs announced this week.

"So these individuals we did meet with them as part of reorganization and say by the end of the year and the first of next year, we are going to transition to an all RN nursing staff. We have other positions available in the facility and we want you to know you can apply for those, here is what it looks like, but if you don't choose to do that then that will be the end of the LPN in the emergency department," said chief nursing officer Kim Adams.

Keel says this week's cuts are the only cuts necessary to once again make the hospital profitable.

"So at this point, everyone who is going to be impacted already knows that they are going to be impacted, and how they are going to be impacted," said Keel.