Bay Patriots Welcome Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate

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PANAMA CITY - For some of the Bay Patriots, Adrian Wyllie was a name they'd never heard before.

"This is the first time I've seen the man," said Norman Steinzor, "I'm gonna be in the audience just like everybody else to find out what's going on."

Wyllie, on the tail end of a three day tour of the Panhandle made his final stop in Bay County, spreading a message that he thinks will change the face of politics in Florida.

"So many people are tired of the two party duopoly," Wyllie said. They're tired of red team, blue team politics. I want to let people know there is a third choice and that third choice wants to get government out of your wallet, out of your bedroom, and out of your business."

While fielding questions from those in attendance, Wyllie also detailed some of his plans to change Florida. Those plans include introducing competitive currency, bringing gold and silver back into resident's pockets and working to nullify the Affordable Care Act.

"Letting government let you live your life is something that most people will agree with and I don't think it's an extreme philosophy anymore to say how can we solve the problems we face instead of with more government, with more freedom - and that's what we plan to do."