Bay School District Breakfast and Lunch Program

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Tammy hill's daughter is a second grader at Oakland Terrace Elementary.

She was one of the students that participated in the free food pilot program this past school year.

Hill says the program helped her too.

"It was time consuming trying to get the packed lunch, and get her out the door, and here at school on time,” said Parent Tammy Hill.

"One of the greatest things is not having to fill out the food service application they don't have to complete it, they are automatically approved. And then the students who might have been on the border to receive free and reduced lunches --now they get it without any extra effort,” said Sandra Davis, Deputy Superintendent.

This federally funded program will help out 3,000 students beginning this fall.

Not every student will benefit.

But many some parents say they believe the program is a great asset for the community.

"They should have done this years ago, when my child was in school. But I have two grandchildren entering the program, and I hope the program is still available when they get into school,” said another Bay County parent.

The eight schools that will participate in this program are Patterson, Oakland Terrace, Springfield, Lucille Moore, Rosenwald, Cedar Grove, St. Andrews and Waller.

Over 62 percent of students enrolled at a school must be eligible for free meals for the entire school to qualify.