Bay Schools Dress Code

Bay District School officials are considering some changes to the school dress code, to take some of the enforcement burden off of teachers.

One of the proposals would drop the requirement that student wear belts. Another would allow them to wear their shirt-tails un-tucked.

Several teachers and school officials voiced their opposition to the proposals during Monday night's public hearing, claiming the changes would do more harm than good.

"I can tell them to tuck their shirt in, but I can't tell them not to show their midriff, and so I just feel like that's going to be a bigger problem."

"The pants are going to start dropping. What are we going to do about that situation if we don't have the belts?"

Bill Husfelt, Bay District Superintendent told the audience, "It's still in policy about inappropriateness, and you still have that control and that say-so, and that would be up to the principal."

Superintendent Husfelt also talked about changing the school start times for high schools, so classes will begin later in the morning. No word as to when school board members will vote on either issue.