Bay County Man Indicted for Alleged BP Fraud

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Panama City- Panama City resident Daniel Marlow Jr., 46 years old, is in hot water with federal authorities. A Pensacola grand jury handed up a federal indictment against him Tuesday. It charges him with defrauding the Gulf Coast Claims Facility for $13,000.

Investigators said Marlow claimed he got laid off from his cooks job at Sharky's Restaurant in May 2010 shortly after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill explosion. He claimed the spill kept him from finding more work. BP paid Marlow the $13,000, but Sharky's Management said Marlow's termination had nothing to do with the spill.

"We let him go about two months, three months before the BP oil thing happened. He used to call off a lot and we ended up letting him go for not showing up for his shift," said Sharky's Assistant Manager Brian Hammerle.

Hammerle, who recieved BP funds himself, said he wasn't surprised by the allegations against Marlow.

"Not coming to work on time, he used to come in late a lot. It kind of fits the bill that he would do something like that," said Hammerle.

If convicted, Marlow could face prison time and have to pay back the BP money he received.

"He should go to jail absolutely. Do the crime, do the time," said Hammerle.

This isn't the first time Marlow was in trouble with the law. He's been convicted on a number of charges including battery, cocaine possession, and forgery, dating back to 1985.

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