Bay Medical Gives Stroke Patients More Options

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Panama City -- 750,000 people are affected by strokes every year and for high risk stroke patients, surgery may not even be an option or at least until now. Bay Medical Center now has new technology available for stroke prevention care.

The Moma Ultra device is what doctors will use to prevent plaque debris from traveling into the brain and causing a stroke.

Once a blood clot is detected, the new technology inflates balloons in the carotid artery, followed by a wire, and stent to capture and remove the debris. The end result is unrestricted blood flow through the carotid arteries to the brain.

Larry Key is the first patient at Bay Medical to receive the new Mo.Ma Treatment, and five months later, he’s pleased with the outcome.
“Very glad that I was the first patient, I had issues and without that I probably wouldn’t be alive now” said Larry Key.

“This is what it’s all about, this is why we go into this field and fortunately we have the technology to help patients who otherwise may not have had any other option before” said Dr. Amir Haghighat, Interventional Cardiologist.

The patient is kept awake during the procedure. The procedure takes less than an hour, and the patients are discharged to go home the day after the procedure.

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