Baylor University Fraternity Spends Spring Break Helping a Blountstown Family

College spring breakers usually come to Bay County spend some time on the beach, but a group from Baylor University used their week-off to help a Blountstown couple in need.

Jamie and Sherry Stephens will soon have a place to call home for the first time in over a year.

After a damaging fire, the couple was unable to rebuild their home, leaving only a shed, an outdoor restroom, and a huge slab of concrete where their house once stood.

Finally getting the help they need. The couple says they're overwhelmed.

"It's breathtaking, really."

The family spent the year staying with friends, family, and sometimes in the small shed on their property.

The owner of Taunton Truss Company heard about the Stephens and wanted to help.

He asked the Baylor University fraternity Kappa Omega Tau to donate their time over spring break.

"Its just an opportunity to kind of put things in to perspective and kind of think a little bit and give back when we have the opportunity too."

Nearly 15 spring breakers are working long hours for three days to build the Stephens family a new home, from the ground up.

"Yesterday, that was just a slab, no walls no trusses, by the end of the day we hope to have it decked and by tomorrow afternoon we hope to have it dried in, windows and tin roof."

The Stephens say they'll never be able to express their gratitude to those helping them in a time of need.

"There is not a word that you could say besides thank you and that’s not enough," said the homeowners.

There is a total of 80 students here from Baylor University working on up to 9 different projects in the area.