Bayou George Residents See Heavy Rainfall

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BAYOU GEORGE -- Some Bayou George residents are seeing the nasty effects of this week's heavy rains.

Flooding has caused some resident to leave their homes. Some residents are trying to stick it out.

Cliff Oliver has to wade through three feet of water to get to his South Bear Creek Road home.

Resident Cliff Oliver said, "It's flooded off and on you know, the whole time I've been living here. But this came up quick today, very quickly. I didn't expect this much rain."

When the heavy rains started falling Wednesday morning, Bear Creek rose quickly. Some residents on the South and North Bear Creek roads took the hardest hit.

Bay County Lt. Billy Byrd said, "We're putting up signs and things to prevent people from getting on those roads. We're putting up our cones as well to try to keep people from getting in harms way for sure."

Oliver's worried about his neighbor, who plans to evacuate.

"The neighbors unfortunately, she's got about six inches of water maybe more in her house right now. She rents the house from someone and it's..It’s completely flooded," said Oliver.

Power crews turned off electricity to the home, worried the water could set off an electrical fire.

Oliver thinks he may have escaped the worst.

"We've got a couple of feet before it gets in the house so...I think we'll be OK,” said Oliver.

The water on Bear Creek Road is approaching a record high level of 26.91 feet. So the flooding could get worse before we see any improvements.