Beach Alternative School to be Housed at Arnold High?

BAY COUNTY - Bay County school board members are considering an alternative school for the beaches area.

The district uses alternative schools to help at-risk teens in a more closely supervised environment.

Right now if a student from a beach school gets into trouble, they're sent to either Rosenwald High School or C.C. Washington Middle School in Panama City. There isn't a facility on the beach.

School board members are exploring several facilities to house the school, but the front-runner seems to be a building on the Arnold High School campus.

"We're looking at a separate building at Arnold. It'll be a totally separate space. They'll start real early in the morning and be gone before the students day is half way over," said Bill Husfelt, Bay District Schools Superintendent.

"I definitely don't think it's a need, but I have some heartburn on the location being at Arnold High School. I wonder if there's not a better location to put the school to serve those types of students," said Steve Moss, a school board member.

They may partner with the Rader Group to run the school, which would save the district some money. Board members are expecting to make a decision at the April 22nd meeting.