Beach Could Ban Use of E-Cigarettes in City Buildings

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- "I lost all the flem and hacking and coughing, I just don't have it with the vapor," said Chris Breen, Panama City Beach Resident.

Breen started smoking cigarettes 40 years ago and says e-cigarettes has helped him stop.

"I can agree, don't smoke in city buildings, but vapor isn't smoke," said Breen.

He's talking about an ordinance being considered by Panama City Beach council members.

They're debating whether to ban the use of e-cigs in all the city buildings.

"I had a council member that had the request and we did two months worth of research," said Mario Gisbert, Panama City Beach City Manager.

Gisbert says city hall, the tag office, the engineering department and the senior center are among the many buildings that would fall under this ordinance.

The proposed ban aims to curb the use of e-cigarettes until reliable studies and data are available on the potential health risk.

"There's still a chemical and it's actually a nano particle and the heating of the element can actually change these carbons and make them toxic," said Myra Reed, M.D. Personalized Concierge Medicine.

Reed says there's research that says e-cigarettes are not necessarily as safe as people think.

"When people say its safer to say go with e-cigarettes well that's just because they don't know really what the dangers are yet," said Reed.

With more stores opening that sell e-cigarettes. Some locals are concerned about the possible ban, and its impacts.

"Where do you draw the line at. Are you going to force us to buy fresh air when we walk in the building," said Breen.