Beach Council Discuss Challenge of Planning Board Decision to Allow Park Rides at Pier Park

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Panama City Beach- The board ruled in favor of the request from Pier Park manager Simon properties, over the objections of Miracle Strip Amusement Park owners Jenny and Teddy Meeks.

The Meeks contend Simon has not gone through the proper amusement designation process the city required them to do in 2009.

But the planning board members ruled Simon didn't need the amusement approval, because the city had already cleared the land for that usage when the Meeks were operating amusements on the same property.

The Meeks have now moved to a larger piece of land next door.

Anticipating the Meeks challenge, City Manager Mario Gisbert requested the council hearing.

"Just because its legal doesn't always make it right. Whether it's two weeks or two months. We need to let the processes fall. The applicant that is going to file the appeal, hasn't even filed the appeal yet," said Keith Curry, Panama City Beach Council.

That council hearing on the issue will take place on June 26th at 12:30.