Beach Officials Become Unwitting Accomplices of Unflattering Video

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Several Panama City Beach Officials have apparently become unwitting accomplices in a not-so-flattering promotions campaign and the on-line video about spring break is getting a lot of attention.

A video surfaced on Youtube just 2 days ago and it's already had more than 80,000 views.

The company that produced the video is called "Vice", which claims to specialize in exploring uncomfortable truths.

It includes interviews with Panama City Beach Mayor Gayle Oberst and Police Chief Drew Whitman talking about spring break in mostly positive terms, but those interviews are edited against outrageous scenes from spring break.

The out-of-context comments, mixed with rowdy and provocative content, isn't the image panama city beach wants to promote.

"I'm really sorry that it's being shown for the beach. As a public figure you expect people to sometimes use things you say or do in odd and different way but it doesn’t say well for the beach. It portrays us in an image we certainly don't want to be," said Mayor Oberst.

Oberst says the crew interviewed her within the past few months. She says the city doesn't have any plans to take action against Vice, but she says the video could result in new ordinances and methods to control spring break.

The video was put together to promote an upcoming movie called "Spring Breakers" starring James Franco, but the movie has nothing to do with Panama City Beach and, according to Panama City Beach Chief Drew Whitman, neither does the video.

"It was an injustice to her and definitely the city, our city is nothing like that," Whitman said. "They took a couple scenes of some college kids that were getting out of hand they didn't show the 99% of the kids that are out here actually good kids. They just took the one or two shots and tried to display that that's what Panama City beach is and we're nothing like that."

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