Beach Police Enforcing "Leave No Trace"

During Thursday’s Beach City Council meeting the Tourist Development Council agreed to pay 102-thousand dollars to train and pay Beach Auxilliary Officers to work in a public capacity over the holiday weekend.

That money also goes to pay for advertising including television, radio and beach banners.

The officers will be warning beach goers not to leave belongings such as tents and coolers on the beach overnight.

The "Leave No Trace" ordinance is designed to keep our beaches clean. Even though they will be working in a public capacity, Chief Drew Whitman says they are still police officers and if they see a violation they can write a ticket or make an arrest.

"Our goal is to talk to them, be polite to them. Help them out with anything else we can do. Build a good relationship for the police department with our visitors to be seen on the beach. Extra eyes and ears on the beach and like I said, our goal is to educate them. Help them out, be friendly and hopefully we don't have to take anything."

Also at Thursday’s meeting council members declared the day as Jack Mashburn Day.

Mashburn is one of Bay County's pioneers and long-time community leaders. He served in the Florida House of Representatives in the early 1950's.

Besides co-sponsoring bills that helped build Tommy Oliver Stadium and Shand's Medical School at the University of Florida, he sponsored the bill that created St. Andrew State Park.

Of course, he is part of the Mashburn Clan and the Mashburn Family Reunion which is the longest running reunion in the country dating back to 1865 to celebrate the end of the civil war and some family members who made it home safely.

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