Beach Restoration Project Continues For Destin Beaches

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"The restoration project we're thrilled to finally see coming to the west end of holiday isle. This end of the island was severely eroded for many many years following hurricanes Ivan and Dennis" said Getty East Broker Philip Lofe.

"It's going to put something like six hundred cubic yards of sand which for reference is about forty-thousand dump trucks of beach quality sand" said Okaloosa County Coastal Management Coordinator Jim Trifilio.

And many feel it's long overdue. After six years of planning, it took Okaloosa County another year to receive a permit for the work.

"Just the permit alone has to go through just endless reviews from various federal and state agencies" said Trifilio.

Real estate agents are also pleased. Jetty East Condos Broker Philip Lofe says it's hard to compete as a beach resort with no beach.

"This will certainly affect our property values. The market is already turning around in Destin and can do nothing but certainly help resale value" said Lofe.

"We're a tourist economy and what brings tourists here is the beach. People don't come to Destin or to Okaloosa Island for anything else really. I mean they will do other things once they're here but what draws them is those beaches" said Trifilio.

The majority of the beach restoration money is coming from the Okaloosa County tourist development council, with the rest coming from property owners.