New Beach Scooter Ordinances

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Scooter companies in Panama City Beach will have to follow some new rules.

For weeks, this topic has been in discussion about tougher scooter rental requirements.

During Thursday night's Panama City Beach council meeting, members voted on the final ordinance.

Scooter companies will now have to provide bright green vests for with the words "rental" on the back for guests, as well as placing flags onto each scooter.

According to the new ordinance, companies will have 30 days to provide the vest and until September 1 to put flags on each scooter.

Helmets will not be required, unless Panama City Beach police see a large number of head injuries in the coming weeks.

"We did our research, we saw that the vests aren't as expensive as we thought they were. I found local printers that can do it from like I said $6.99 to $9.99, if we go with this it is a safety thing--public safety," Panama City Beach Police Chief Drew Whitman said.

The issue of insurance will be brought up at a different date, Chief Whitman said both groups need to still come to a common ground.