Bear Creek Flooding Aftermath

Many of the lawns of homes along bear creek have been reclaimed by the water.

The worst of the flooding happens near the North Bear Creek bridge, and long time resident Richard Wassall is fed up with it.

"It should have been replaced many many hears ago. There have been complaints, but no action. We are gonna make it cost bay county hundreds of thousand of dollars and make them shut down the bridge and replace it. Because we will be armed with guns to hold off even the sheriff," says Wassall.

Vipir7 chief meteorologist Chris Smith says there are several reasons for the flooding.

"In the past week we've seen a lot of rainfall, 5-15 inches. That corresponds to the big water rise. The good news is it looks like levels are going down. The problem is Deer Point Lake can back up, and that's why we are seeing flooding," says Smith.