Bears in Bay County

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Residents in Whispering Pines have been getting a few unexpected guests.

They say a bear came nervously close to some homes, appearing to be in search for food - they tell Newschannel 7 that it's not their first encounter.

Residents say they've seen as many as 3 bears out at once in the past few weeks. While residents haven't had any violent encounters with the bears, the mess they leave behind can cause issues.

They say the bears have been around for the past two years - some believing there could be up to 8 bears in the area.

The bears seem to target the trash, knocking over garbage cans and pulling its contents out. Residents say they've gotten close to the bear, but they don't fear for their safety.

"When we get close to him he's not violent," said AJ Thomas. "But he does really just say what his territory is. If you get too close he'll growl at you, but other than that he comes out just to eat."

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