Bell Rings For the First Time For North Bay Haven Charter Academy

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LYNN HAVEN-- The bell rang for the first time Tuesday morning at the new North Bay Haven Charter Academy in Lynn Haven.

Students returning to North Bay Haven started their day off with not only new school supplies, but some new technology too. North Bay Haven's newest campus is revamped with brand new smart boards, bigger classrooms, wider hallways, and a locker for every student.

Not only can students enjoy new technology inside the classroom, but outside the classroom, kids can enjoy a new food court styled cafeteria, offering more options for lunch.

All these perks are getting students and administrators excited on their first day back.

"We had a great start this morning, all our students were in classes learning their way around, learning how to navigate the campus, we had some traffic congestion coming in this morning, which is kind of typical for the first day of school. But we are going to make some adjustments to try and improve that, so other than that things are going really well," said North Bay Haven Charter Academy Principal Meredith Higgins.

Principal Higgins said the children are really looking forward to having a brand new campus with fresh paint on the walls and brand new classrooms to start off the school year.

The campus will still have some construction going on while school is in session, including finishing up the new gym, but that should be complete by mid-fall.