Bethlehem School Principal Removed, But No One Knows Why

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Many Bonifay community members say they are angry and confused. Just before Christmas, the principal of Bethlehem school, Zeb Brown,was removed from his position without warning. Most teachers and students came into school to find their principal was gone.

It's all the buzz in the Bethlehem community and in Bonifay and the question on most people's mind? Janie Blevins, a Bethlehem School parent, "Everybody I know is just up in arms about it because they were so excited- everything was going good. This came out of nowhere."

Even those seemingly closer to the source, like Bonnie Jefferson, a Bethlehem math teacher, are left without answers. "I personally didn't find out until we got to school on that Wednesday before we left for Christmas break. They had a school board meeting the night before but most of us didn't even know that was on the agenda."

By and large, the community appears to be in support of Brown. "I said Zed, there's a lot of people behind you like this. All that stuff that you've done for us and for other people, and all the smiles that you’ve put out for everybody comes right back out for you."

"Mr. Brown was very big in technology. He was very big on anything to help the students. Anything to make the school better than what it was"
"The only thing that can be done over the Superintendent is the parents banning together."

Determined to be taken out of the dark- teachers and parents plan to take action at the next school board meeting.

"Project Shine. Everybody brings a small LED flashlight so that we can shine the light and say our prayers for all the missions that are going to be done for our children, but get all this second hand dealings out of the dark and get all this out. If you're going to do things, do it on the up and up."

Community members are encouraged to attend the Shine Meeting- January 15th at 6PM.

NewsChannel 7’s Bergen Baucom called Holmes County Superintendent Eddie Dixon multiple times but so far he has not returned our phone calls.

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