Biggest Loser Duo Visits Anchorage Children's Home

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PANAMA CITY -- Biggest loser fans are in for a treat. A mother-son duo from the show's fifth season are in town to meet with kids at the Anchorage Children's Home.

They're hoping to spread an important message.

The Anchorage children's home provides shelter, counseling and learning services for at-risk children.

“Anchorage is about protecting kids and keeping kids safe and I guess that would fall in line with promoting a healthy lifestyle,” said Brooke Bullard Anchorage Children's Home.

Every day the children have group time, where they hang out with others, talk to their friends or talk to counselors.

Wednesday, Anchorage Children's Home had a special treat for the children. Anchorage used group time to introduce the kids to previous biggest loser contestants Jackie Evans and her son Dan.

They came to town to share some encouraging words.

Biggest Loser Season 5 Jackie Evans said, "You know it's not really about weight. It's about hurdles, it's about obstacles, it's about whatever it is that you want to accomplish, and whatever's holding you back."

The duo lost more than 200 pounds on the Biggest Loser. But they say their real satisfaction comes from motivating people.

The Evans' travel the nation to share their story with others.

Biggest Loser Season 5 Dan Evans said, "To know that after the journey that we've gone through, we can take that and now go on and inspire other people. It's such an honor and a gift."

They're also promoting the upcoming Biggest Loser race set for Panama City Beach next month.

Anchorage Children's Home is sponsoring the race, to bring awareness to healthy living and to provide a positive message to children.

Anchorage Children's Home Krissy Botzong said, "They've overcome a lot of struggles just like a lot of these kids here. They have to overcome their struggles."

The Biggest Loser run-walk will take place December 29th on Panama City Beach.
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