Local Resident Continues To Lose Weight & Train For The Biggest Loser Run-Walk

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Last month we introduced to you Chris Critchlow... A local resident who wanted to get in better shape by running in his first 5k. With The Biggest Loser Run/Walk less than a month away Season 5 participant Dan Evans came into town to check up on Chris and keep him motivated.

In less than 30 days chris will run in his first 5k. While going from couch potato to 5k is not easy, Dan who lost 136lbs on the biggest loser tv show, says says taking it slow is key…

Dan Evans
'...no matter where you are in your progress what I say is start slow... begin to slowly accelerate. You don't want to run the whole race day 1. It is about pushing yourself a little more each day.'

While pushing himself a little too hard during training Chris felt a little tweak in his knee. What Chris found was his weight was too much for the shoes he was wearing.

'never thought this would be something that happened to me. Like Marshal said you start running you don't think about the shoes you don't think about any of that stuff that cost me my knee already now that I got these shoes.'

Marshal McClanahan, owner of Freedom Sports in Panama City Beach, helped Chris find the right shoes for him.

'The functionality of the biomechanics when we do a gate analysis that we think is the most correct shoe for that person and then we look at fit and fit is not just the length and width but is that also the right fit of a shoe for what that runner's goals.'

Dan who now has run 22 1/2 marathons says it wasn't until he started running that he truly got his weight under control.

Dan Evans-
'For me it became a big struggle until I did discover that running can be a really fun way to incorporate exercise and fitness and community back into your life.'

And now with the right rubber between him and the road and the support of his friends Chris is well on his way to his first 5k in 3 weeks!

'Race day is right around the corner I have been talking with dan and his mother already. I have a lot of great support. they have been a big help. I am just going to do it to make sure let anybody down on top of myself.'

More than 1000 people so far have registered for The Biggest Loser Half Marathon and 5k on December 30th. It is not too late to sign up. Just go to our website and look for this story at WJHG.com and you will find a discount code for 20% off registration.

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