Biggest Loser Run/Walk Prepares to Take Over Pier Park

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Residents and visitors are gearing up for the first Biggest Loser Half Marathon, set to start at Pier Park on Sunday at 7 am. The run/walk also features a 5K.

While the streets of Pier Park wee filled with cars on Saturday, Sunday morning it'll be a different story as more than 1,200 participants run or walk in the event.

Dan and Jackie Evans, the mother-son duo from season 5 of The Biggest Loser started the event and are both excited about it taking place in Panama City Beach.

"Right off the bat it sounded like something that could be so great," said Dan. "We found out we could tie in with the whole holiday weekend in the town and we said, 'Biggest Loser Run/Walk' has got to be here in Panama City Beach."

"We've told everybody as we've been traveling across the county, you gotta come to Panama City Beach," said Jackie. "You gotta come for the run and stay for the fun!"

The duo's energy is contagious. People lined up to pick up their bibs for the run and get pictures with the mother-son team.

"The Biggest Loser is the biggest thing I think," said Lisa Alvarado who plans to run the 5K Sunday morning. "Just bringing that here to Panama City and knowing that I've watched that show and these people are so inspirational. I wasn't going to miss it."

While some participants are running in their first half marathon or 5K, others like Alvarado have more experience and say the run is well worth the work.

"It makes you feel great at the end, like it might feel a little hard pushing yourself through, but tomorrow I think it's going to be a bit chilly, but I know once I finish it, you'll feel so good the rest of the day," said Alvarado.

Organizers say registration is open until the race begins at 7 am.

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