Black Cat Sales No Longer Banned

PANAMA CITY -- Vicki Sommers has been in the market for a cat for weeks now. She didn't find the newest member of her family until Tuesday.

"One reason is the price drop, to come today. But we had been looking for awhile. We had been here a couple times," said Sommers.

"Well we have been making a lot of changes at animal control all in an effort to move animals out the door. So as part of that, in recognition of Halloween we are hoping to have people come in and adopt orange and black cats," said Bay County PIO Valerie Sale.

Prior to Tuesday, the Bay County animal shelter adopted out cats for $75. That fee is now $25. For the month of October, black and orange cats are only $20.

Some have raised questions about people abusing those type cats as part of Halloween rituals. But Starla Raiborn of the Bay County Humane Societ says preventing animal cruelty is not about refusing to adopt out animals, "Just make sure that you are indeed screening for good homes, and it's not just, this impulse hey, it's Halloween i want a black cat."

The shelter does have a more practical reason than it just being Halloween, for marketing black cats.

"It's really, really hard to adopt out black cats anytime of the year," continued Raiborn, "Black dogs as well, something about the color, maybe the superstition, maybe intimidation."

As for those superstitions.

"I work with black cats everyday, and my luck is actually quite good. So I'd say the more black cats you have the better your luck is gonna be," said Raiborn.

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