Black Friday Shopping Rush in Destin

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Black Friday shoppers filled south Walton County stores to get their hands on items at the top of their wish list.

"Electronics, we're going for the Xbox, some games, some iPods all kinds of electronics" said Teresa Bourges.

"Waiting for a gift from my daughter, but i don't really want to disclose that yet. It's still a secret right, yes” said Cas Gant.

"We're looking for electronics and all sorts of devices" said Hunter Osborne.

"I'm waiting for a cannon camera and a Toshiba flat screen TV" said Julie Staton.

The wait time in line for those extremely cheap items...not as long as you think.

"I've been standing here for only about an hour and a half" said Brittany Morgan.

"About forty-five minutes to an hour" said Kevin Ochs.

"I've been out here for twenty minutes" said Shaynna House.

"About two hours" said Julie Staton.

"We're going to be in line total a little over three hours" said Teresa Borges.

"We've been waiting in line for almost 11 hours" said Hunter Osborne.

Of course the longer the time the closer you were to the front of the line. But it isn't just about the wait.

“This is actually my first Black Friday here in Destin and I’m here standing in the coach line. I thought that I was first in line and really they told me to go to the back and I went to the wrong door so I’m really super excited and I’m ready to get me a good bag" said Brittan Massey.

"It feels pretty good, first time i did it before Friday so on Thanksgiving and it's my wife's first time standing in line so it's kind of a fun adventure" said Kevin ochs.

"It’s almost like tradition, I’ve done it for so many years now" said Brittany Morgan.

It's about the experience.

"There are just so many more people and you know you're going to get a good deal where ever you go. And you like stay up all night and just run through the stores when they open" said Shoppers Allison Woodall, Brooke Todd and Erinn Fortman.

"Just the experience I guess, it's my first time ever doing something like this so it's a little overwhelming” said Julie Staton.
"I think just getting out and getting into the spirit of the holidays and spending time with the family” said Angelique Cox.
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"For me i don't know if it's all that exciting but i want to get something special for my daughter for Christmas" said Cas Gant.

Shoppers agree that the Black Friday atmosphere is exciting and just like the many deals available it can be hard to pass up.

Last year's Black Friday sales pulled in about fifty-two billion dollars nationwide.

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