Blountstown Convicted Criminal Gets 15 Years in Prison

A Blountstown man, Matthew Alexander Hall, 25, was sentenced Friday by Circuit Judge Hentz McClellan to 15 years in prison for gun charges and an attempted robbery.

Assistant State Attorney Megan Teeple took Hall to trial in
September and showed jurors that he tried to rob Richard Harpe Jr. the night of Feb. 22. Hall was armed with a shotgun when he confronted Harpe and told him, “Give me your money.” But Harpe ran from Hall instead.

Hall was convicted as charged of attempted armed robbery with a firearm, being a felon in possession of a firearm and possessing a short barreled shotgun.

McClellan then sentenced Hall to 15 years in prison without the ability to gain credit for good behavior. Hall will have to serve his sentence day-for-day.

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