Blountstown Mourns Tragic Loss

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Thursday night, 18-year-old Chaz Fain was murdered in Tulsa, OK. The recent Blountstown High School graduate, known for his kindness and smile, is mourned by all those that knew him saying he would do anything to bring a smile to someone's face and pushed everyone to be their best.

"He was a good kid to have in your program," said athletic director and former coach at BHS Greg Jordan. "He always worked hard, followed the rules, and wanted everybody else to do the same thing."

For Chris Byrne, the cut runs deeper. The pair had known each other since the 8th grade and spent many hours together in the weight room and in their homes.

"We were like brothers," Byrne remembered. "He actually lived with us for a couple weeks and we did everything together."

Fain was gunned down Thursday night at Spartan Landing Apartments in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"I had all these texts on my phone asking me if I'd found out what had happened to him and my mom told me to call her immediately," Byrne recounts.

The news of Fain's death came as shock to all those that knew him.

"I was in disbelief, I didn't know why it had to happen to him, of all people...I just didn't know why," said Byrne.

"I had seen Chaz about three weeks ago and just didn't believe it at first," Jordan said. "Kid was 18 years old and had his whole life ahead of him...and his life ended way too early."
Fain graduated from Blountstown High School last year where he won a state championship in weightlifting and played football.

After graduation, he enrolled in the Spartan School of Aeronautics, a private college specializing in aviation and aircraft maintenance.

"Chaz wanted to do well, he wanted to be successful in life and you know that was a big move for him. He was born and raised here in a small town and for him to go on his own to Oklahoma like that spoke volumes of him what he wanted to accomplish."

"He was just looking forward to getting a new life started, getting further in life and accomplished in something and I believe he was going to be the first of his family to graduate from college."

Police have arrested a suspect, 41-year-old Mark Hopkins. He's currently charged with murder. Three other victims are recovering from their gun shot wounds.

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