Blountstown Teacher Under Investigation

Everything at Blountstown middle school is quiet and empty now. The classroom chairs, the football stadium, the school buses and the theater.

Inside the building was the schools production of Annie, but during those rehearsals an incident happened that sparked what could become a three month long investigation.

The students got a little rowdy during rehearsal and a 7th grader ended up dragging Annie down several stairs.

"One student grabbed the laundry bag and whether it was an accident or what, I’ve been told there appeared to be no malicious intent," said Calhoun County Supt. Ralph Yoder.

Because of school conduct codes, the 7th grader was suspended from school for two days, but not on the days of the play. However, she was not part of the production.

"She didn't participate in the play,” said Yoder

When asked if it was by choice, Yoder answered, “I'm not sure of that."

Every student had to either participate in the play, or complete an alternate assignment to pass the class.

The child was given an assignment after music teacher Janet Edewaard, and Principal Neva Miller decided that was how the situation should be handled.

However when the child was not given passing marks, an investigation with the Department of Education was filed by Principal Miller.

Some are concerned this could be a case of principal versus teacher.

"This wasn't a gotcha setup by the principal," said Yoder.

As a result of the investigation, Edewaard could see anything from a letter of reprimand to having her teaching certificate revoked, but Yoder said that is the most extreme scenario and not likely.