Blountstown Toddler Desperate for Kidney Transplant

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Blountstown- Three year old Bryson Hatcher is a special baby, with very special needs.

"I didn't have any amniotic fluid" Bryson's mother, Rachel Hatcher explained. It was just basically a baby in a sac." During Rachel's pregnancy two doctors told the couple Bryson would never make it.

"We found an OB [doctor] and she was the only one willing to give us any hope" Rachel said. "And she said as long as he comes out breathing- because the amniotic fluid affects their lung development- and as long has he came out breathing, she would try her best to do everything else possible."

After a Cesarean section, Bryson arrived weighing 6 pounds, 13 ounces, breathing on his own and of good, healthy color. "He came out and he was perfect... and he was screaming. He was screaming" the parents laughed.

A baby who was born to be a fighter- but his battle was far from over. Bryson was diagnosed with something called Joubert Syndrome causing blindness and kidney failure. He needs nightly dialysis, eight daily medications and weekly blood work. The Hatchers said it's an around the clock job.

"I work day shift and on my days off she schedules to work and then sometimes when I get home she'll leave to go to work" explained Bryson's dad, Phillip.

Bryson has been on the waiting list for a kidney - but that could take up to a year. "He can live with being blind. And he can live if it takes him a little longer to crawl or walk because he is in physical therapy. He can live with all the other things, but he cant live without a kidney" Rachel said.

Neither of Bryson's parents were a match. and they've been hoping to to find a living donor as soon as possible. Rachel said they would take any kidney over no kidney, but a living donor's organs last longer.

Bryson needs a kidney from a healthy, non smoker, between the age of 18 and 30 with o positive or negative blood.

You can contact the family at or on Facebook Phillip-Rachel Hatcher where you can find updates on Bryson's condition.

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