Board Members Disagree on Head Start Program

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Panama City Bay District School board members are divided over regulations on the Head Start program.

It's a federally funded program that prepare families and young children to enter kindergarten.

Some members expressed concern that the board currently does not have a say in how the program is run.

Board Member Ginger Littleton says she'd like to see this changed, because Head Start kids usually begin kindergarten in the Bay District Schools system.

She says she hopes that board can provide additional support for the program.

"If they're feeding children into our system, then I think it makes sense for this board to pay attention to the quality of the product they're producing," Littleton said. "Our tax payers are paying for it either way, and I think the board should be a bit more enlightened about the kinds of evaluations and the kinds of products that come out of these programs, whether they're federally funded or not."

Littleton also says encouraging conversation about the program and adding an extra set of eyes could help improve it.

Discussion about the future of Head Start will continue at board meetings this summer.

According to the program's annual report, Head Start served more than 600 families in Bay and Franklin counties in the 2012-2013 school year.