Bogus Company Scams SunPass Users

OKALOOSA COUNTY-- Someone is now targeting a scam at drivers who use the SunPass Program.

The program allows drivers to go through toll booths with stopping.

Drivers buy a pre-paid toll sensor and place it on their vehicle.

When they pass through a toll booth, like these on the Mid-Bay Bridge in Okaloosa County, an electronic reader picks up the sensor and deducts part of the pre-paid amount.

When their Sunpass account is empty, the driver can pre-pay more tolls and get the sensor recharged.

However, someone is trying to take advantage of the system with a scam.

Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Turnpike and SunPass Program officials say a fictitious company called "Toll Enforcement, LLC." is sending a fraudulent violation like this entitled "final warning notice."

The notice claims you owe money for previous unpaid tolls.

Okaloosa County Sheriff's officials say one of the victims is a Santa Rosa Beach resident in Walton County.

Officials say they're investigating the matter.