Boil Water Advisory After Busted Pipe

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BAY COUNTY-- A precautionary boil water notice being issued on Thursday at midnight for several Bay County communities.

Wednesday, Bay County officials got word water was seeping up through the ground on the east side of Deer Point Bridge. Workers found a small break in the 36 inch pipe. The line runs from the Bay County Water Treatment Plant to the West Bay end, on Highway 388.

"This transmission line feeds the Southport area, outlying areas like Lake Merial, Rivercamps, West Bay which affects Panama City Beach," Bay County Utilities Superintendent Paul Lackemacher said.

The pipe will be repaired in two steps. Lackemacher says, "We are going to try and perform this work between midnight and morning."

The first part will be prepping the area. The County Public Works Department will shut off the water from midnight Thursday until two in the morning. And at midnight Friday, workers will be back out to install a new piece of piping.

"We've got to order a patch joint that basically wraps around the leaking joint," said Bay County Commissioner Guy Tunnell.

While officials are working during the early hours of Thursday and Friday, Bay County officials are issuing a precautionary boil water notice, for anyone using the water in Southport, Lake Merial, Rivercamps, West Bay areas between midnight and 2:00 a.m..

"As usual whenever we have the potential for low pressure water outages, we are issuing a precautionary boil water notice," Lackemacher said.

Tunnell said, "The hope is it will be as minimal of an inconvenience as possible."

As of right now, Panama City Beach officials say the beach will not be affected by the boil water notice. However, they warn as the week continues things may change.