Visually Impaired Kids Hunting for "Audible Eggs"

Most of us take something as simple as hunting Easter eggs for granted.

But not children who are visually impaired.

Founder April Cao says, "too often I think those children sit on the sidelines and don't have the opportunity to participate in something that really is just a family tradition whether it's a backyard barbecue, a community event."

Hung and April Cao are founders of a non profit organization called "Audible Eggs" for the visually impaired.

Hung Cao is and Commander of the local Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center and an explosives expert.

Commander Cao explains, "usually we build a training device that emits a sound, a beep, if you set it off accidentally."

He says the basic design of the beeping eggs is the same as improvised explosive devises.

It has a basic series circuit, you have a switch, a battery and a beeper and when you connect it all in series, you turn it on it beeps. An I.E.D. would be the same thing. You have a power source, and the beeper would actually be a detonator that would go into explosives."

The Cao's say the whole crux of their organization is based on Genesis 50 :20."

"We just took this technology that was meant for evil and turned it to something good," says Commander Cao.

The Cao's enlisted the help of service members to build the eggs.

April Cao says, "It was a great group of guys sitting around giving of their time and doing this and it's neat to listen to their stories as they talk about the people that they lost and the lives that have touched them through I.E.D. explosions in the field in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Ultimately they want their four children to learn about helping others.

"We want to teach our kids about service to other people and be grateful for everything they have."

The Cao's are holding a special audible egg Easter hunt this Saturday from 1 to 3 on the front lawn of Gulf Beach Baptist Church, open to any age kid, even senior citizens.

They're also taking their audible eggs to Washington D.C. for the White House egg roll, for their second year.