Bonifay Residents Respond to City's 'Clean Up' Ordinance

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Bonifay- Last year, Ronald Rich went round and round with Polk County officials about the appearance of his front yard

"[County officials] wrote me up with a warning of a violation. But, after I finally talked the county commissioner and I had the inspector come out, and he sat down and talked with me. He found out that I spent over half of my life at the VA Hospital with all the health conditions that I've got. He backed off and voided the warning of a violation" explained Rich.

Still frustrated by the ordeal, he packed up his things and moved to Bonifay. But, he didn't move away from the problem.

"We have a code enforcement officer, which is a city policeman" Mayor, Lawrence Cloud explained. "He goes around and makes a list of people he needs to talk to about it. He presents them with a letter, and they got 30 days to correct the problem."

Any property not cleaned after the 30 day period, will be cleaned and billed by the city who will also place a lean on the property to collect the money.

"We didn't do this to be mean or hurt anybody, we just thought it was necessary for people to clean their yard and for Bonifay to be clean when people come to Bonifay."

But Rich said he suspected ulterior motives.

"It's private property. It's no business of the government- the government's over stepping their bounds. Personally, and I may be out of line, but personally, I think its just another money making scheme."

How much the fine will cost was still undetermined and so far, Cloud said no one had been issued a citation.

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