68th Annual Rodeo Brings Big Bucks into Bonifay

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Bonifay- Organizers said there were at least 300, and up to 500, in Bonifay this weekend- and that was just counting the horses. City officials didn't know how many people were in town, they were just glad they came.

People from across the country have been filing in for the fun. Bonifay Mayor, Lawrence Cloud said the three day event was not only a long standing tradition, but also good for the economy."

"Motels benefit from it, restaurants benefit from it, even I benefit from it in the parts business" said Cloud. "It just helps everybody- drug stores, everybody benefits from it. Everybody in town."

Sheetal Patel's family owns the Economy Lodge in Bonifay. She said they were just a few rooms shy of being booked. "Every year for rodeo we get packed- every year."

Those who brought their own accommodations parked at the rodeo arena. Cloud explained the city prepared the area for campers. "They've got electricity there for them and they bring their campers, and their tents and their horses. They stay all week" he said.

Which meant, not only would the campers need to eat, so would their faithful steeds."For the farm stores and the feed stores, places like that- it is a big boost [financially]" Cloud told us.

"If you have to wait in line a little longer at the local store then that's OK" said Bonifay native, Sunny Tinsley. "We try to find out where everyone is from. It's definitely an outside source of income that comes from others."

Organizers said the weekend long festivities would be held rain or shine.

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