Booster Clubs to Operate Under New Guidelines

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PANAMA CITY-- The Bay District School Board has approved a new set of rules on how district booster clubs operate.

Board members approved the motion in Tuesday's meeting with a three-to-two vote.

But some members said they wanted to see minor changes before they approved the rules.

Booster clubs are now required to present receipts and expenses annually, but some would like to see that changed to twice a year.

The board members who voted "no" say they would like to give athletic directors more power to oversee booster clubs, rather than principals.

"I that the policy itself is a little bit murky, because we kind of regurgitated a policy that was already there. I think there needs to be more separation, clear separation, between what's expected of booster clubs and what's expected of normal fundraising that goes on in a school," School Board Member Ryan Neves said.

Neves said he expects the board will have to address the policy again before the school year begins in four weeks.