Boys and Girls Club Open Annual Christmas Tree Lots

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PANAMA CITY -- Thanksgiving is around the corner and people are already starting to buy Christmas trees.

The Boys and Girls club of Bay County opened up their annual Christmas tree lots Monday morning.

Proceeds from the sale of these trees are going back to the community.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

For the 25th year, the Boys and Girls Club of Bay County are selling Christmas trees at this lot and others.

Bay Co. Boys & Girls Club CEO Paul Mosca said, "Been doing it a long time, so we know a lot about trees. People that come in, we can tell them how to prune them, how to make them live longer, very important stuff if you've got a real tree."

Volunteers will trim the tree trunk and cover it in netting, provide you with tine to tie it to your vehicle, and provide instructions on keeping the tree fresh.

Boys and Girls Club members say they've sold 14 Christmas trees, that's after opening up at 10:00 am Monday. That was in the first three hours.

Katie Scott and her little sister were two of the first buyers.

"We wanted just the feeling of Christmas in the air and…so we wanted a real tree this year,” Scott said.

This is the first year the sisters have pick-out a real Christmas tree.

"It was more convenient I guess to pull down a fake one but, I mean I don't think there's anything like having a real Christmas tree in the house,” said Scott.

The proceeds from all tree sales go toward funding and programs for the Boys and Girls Club in Bay County.

The trees come in all different sizes and range in price anywhere from $20 - $300.

Besides the 23rd Street lot, the Boys and Girls club are set up at Mid South Lumber in Youngstown and on Back Beach Road near Frank Brown Park.