Boys and Girls Club in South Walton have a Permanent Home

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For the past two years, the Boys and Girls Club of the Emerald Coast has been working with the county, and two family foundations to complete its new facility in South Walton.

The 34,000 square foot building opened last September.

But crews have been completing some odds and ends, like the new parking lot.

Employees say this is definitely a step up from the trailers they use to have.

"We transitioned the kids into the building, but we had a second phase of construction, which was our parking lot so we are fully into the building, and we have had great support from the county,” said Shervin Rassa, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club.

The new facility is equipped with a gym, a computer lab, and a teen center.

And there are more programs coming in the future.

"We have a commercial grade kitchen where eventually we will have a culinary program with our kids,” said Rassa.

Walton Chamber of Commerce members say not only will this completed facility help the kids, but also parents.

"For these children to have a place to go, to have a place to learn in a fun environment and to have that adult supervision and role models, we think it is a great asset to the business community, because that allows more people to work,” said Camile Burlison, of the Chamber of Commerce.

Boys and Girls Club officials are holding a grand opening ceremony next Tuesday evening.

About 100 kids visit the Boys and Girls Club of the Emerald Coast every day.