Breakfast Point Academy ASPIRE Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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Panama City Beach - This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches 7th grade math and science with the ASPIRE program, as well as a new robotics class at Breakfast Point Academy. Not only has Kelley Roberts embraced her new role as a middle school teacher, she is also leading students on the basketball court.

Dribbling is a new skill for Gabby Looker, who, before this year, had never played basketball. Thanks to Ms. Roberts, she has a chance to shine in the classroom and on the court. "She teaches math, science, and a new robotics class, but she has also played a huge part in our athletic program this year which is brand new to Breakfast Point Middle school," explained Keri Weatherly, the assistant principal at Breakfast Point Academy. "She coached our very first girls basketball team, many of our students have never played," said Weatherly. "We focus on academics first. I'm one of the first people who gets to see their report cards. We are very focused on grades first and athletics second," said Ms. Roberts.

"Do you look forward to her class?" asked Meredith. "All day, she makes it fun and exciting for us," said Gabby. In the classroom hands on and engaging activities get her students excited about learning math and science. "She explains it very well. She will do the activity with you instead of just telling you," said student Lyndon Tinch, a 7th grader. "I love teaching because it gives me the opportunity to come here every day and work with these kids and try to inspire them the way they inspire me every day," said Ms. Roberts. "She is just phenomenal and she is a wonderful rolemodel for our middle school students," said Ms. Weatherly.

Congratulations to Ms. Roberts, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "She is just amazing, basically," said Gabby.