Breakfast Point Academy Faces Overcrowding

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One of Bay County's newest schools is already experiencing major overcrowding. Breakfast Point Academy administrators are struggling with the addition of portable classrooms.

Breakfast Point Academy has been extremely popular with parents and students since it opened in 2008. Some might say too popular.

Administrators are making plans to add 10-new portable classrooms. It's more difficult for breakfast point than it is for most schools.

"This particular school is surrounded by wetlands. It's an island," said John Bozarth, Facilities Director for Bay District Schools.

That means usable space is hard to come by.

Breakfast Point Academy has to use its tennis courts for the portable classrooms to accommodate the overcrowding.

Bozarth says they've tried numerous efforts before.

"We've added some parking last year. We tried to shift some retention areas around, but there are very few places on this campus where we can add additional classroom space," said Bozarth.

They can't use the area behind the school because they need it for firetrucks in the event of an emergency. The area surrounding the school is quickly filling up with new houses as well.

"We have a huge development that's going right next door to our school. So it's actually causing part of our overcrowding," said Denise Kelley, principal of Breakfast Point Academy.

While the situation is frustrating, administrators say it's a minor inconvenience compared to the alternative.

"You know I would rather have portables brought into our school then see our kids have to leave,"said Kelley.

School officials say they'll build new tennis courts to replace the existing ones that will become home to the portable classrooms.

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