Brewery Comes to South Walton

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The Grayton Beer Company has been preparing its business plan for close to a year.

In just a few months management will put that plan into motion.

"We started contract brewing in May 2011, and it was always our goal to have a brewery here in South Walton,” said Jamey Price, Founder of the Grayton Beer Company. “Now through the evolution of our company plan, we are finally here."

The brewery will be located in a warehouse in Santa Rosa Beach.

"The beer we have in the market right now is our Pale Ale and our IPA and that will continue to be available in the market,” said Price. “The new beers will be available by the end of the year.

The plans are to add five new beers to the current roster.

Earlier this week, workers delivered nine stainless steel fermentation tanks to the warehouse and each can hold up to 22,000 pints of beer.

Employees are hoping locals will embrace the different beers as their own.

"I feel like they are going to respond to the locality of this,” said Shank, Head Brewer for the company. “They have been waiting for this as long as I have, and so they are very keen to have a local product that they can sip on and come to a local facility and feel like they are a part of it as well."

Grayton Beer will begin brewing next month and distribution and warehouse tours are scheduled to begin in December.